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Special Offer

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Official Distributor of Zoli Shotguns & Rifles

Artisan Stock & Gunworks

As Firearm Artisans we select only top-grade exotic woods and create handmade replacement pistol grips and rifle stocks for all types of guns. For All Shooting Disciplines, Trap, Skeet and Sporting.

Custom GRIPS

Many species and patterns to choose from. Our custom grips feel great in your hand.


With 20 years of experience. We don’t fit the shooter to the gun, we fit the gun to the shooter.


Artisan Stock and Gunworks is the official Canadian Distributor for Zoli Shotguns & Rifles!


We produce a one of a kind custom made and fit stock to each of the individuals physical attributes.

The Only Canadian Distributor


We are the Sole Canadian distributor of shotguns and rifles by the world renowned Antonio Zoli company that has been a family run business in Gardone Italy for over 175 years. Artisan Stock and  Gunworks is proud to have this lineup of shotguns readily available. We are a licensed for importing and exporting firearms worldwide.

We Will Improve Your Score!

Meet the Artisans

We create a one of a kind, handmade, hand fitted rifle or gun stock for you. We take a custom impression of your hand onto this prototype, so that the grip is yours and yours alone. This way your palm and hand is transferred over onto the finished stock. We have a great inventory of exotic, and highly figured wood, seasoned for a minimum of 6 years. Artisan Stock & Gun Works is Canada and the USA’s most reliable source for custom gun grips.


Master Gun Stockmaker

A Gunstock Master creating an ergonomic gun stocks and forends for rifles, hand guns and pistols that are tailored to a variety of sportsman, hunters, marksmen and various types and styles of guns.


Mascot – Hunting Enthusiast



Master Gun Stockmaker

Taught from a highly regarded Gunsmith and Stockmaker from Akron Ohio, by the name of Doug Warren. Ethan is a Master at the fitting and making of gunstocks for all types of firearm enthusiasts, he will fit you perfectly and create a custom gunstock that is one of a kind.

The Stempski’s a Father & Son Team

Master gunstock makers


80% of the Process is Done by Hand

“Our hand-crafted tailor-made stocks are delivered fully sealed, inside and out with a special two-part, multi-step clear coat in either gloss or satin. This is where beauty and function will have the envy of other shooting enthusiasts at your next event!”

Master Gunsmith Workshop

Our passion for the shooting sports spans decades, we strive to provide other Firearm Enthusiasts with proper fitting, high-quality, tailor-made gunstocks. We ourselves have been successful at different tournaments and events covering multiple disciplines and really appreciate the dedication and pride gun owners display when it comes to their firearm collection. Our craft has been handed down to us by Doug Warren, a highly regarded gunsmith and stock maker from Akron, Ohio.

Our shop is fully equipped with the latest machinery, however, 80% of the process for building a tailor-made gunstock is still completed by hand. Over the last 20 plus years we have been producing custom shotgun stocks and manufacturing handgun grips. The stocks are made from high grade exotic woods from all around the world. One of our most beautiful stock styles comes from Turkish Walnut out of Europe.

As a father and son team, we have strived to develop many proprietary methods for creating a very low recoiling shotgun stock starting from the prototype forward to a completed stock. Our work produces highly ergonomic stocks and forend that is tailored to a variety of people and guns. And yes, we tailor stocks for the ladies as well!

We Import Firearms Worldwide

In more recent years we have expanded our passion to include the ability to import and export firearms worldwide. We are the sole distributor in Canada of world-renowned Antonio Zoli Company shotguns and rifles. The Antonio Zoli company family tradition of building high quality firearms traces back to 1490.


We Fit the Gun to the Customer, Not the Customer to the Gun

Turning Shooters Into Marksman