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Zoli Shotguns

Zoli Shotguns Canada

Artisan Stock and Gunworks is the Canadian Distributor for Zoli Shotguns and Rifles.

View the main website: www.zoliantonio.con

As the new Canadian distributor for Zoli shotguns Artisan Stock and Gunworks is proud to have this lineup of shotguns readily available through dealerships throughout the country. We are also proud to service these firearms at our Niagara Falls, Canada location.

The Z gun with its detachable trigger group has been manufactured since 2012. Antonio Zoli has no affiliation with Angelo Zoli and their product line and history should not come into context together. The new Z gun action is a revolutionary design based on the old english boss locking action system and has been improved with new technology with specialty lubricated parts and forged components.

Demo models are always ready for Canadian clientele to examine and test with us at all major shooting events and competitions or scheduled an appointment at our location in Niagara Falls, Canada. Please contact us toll free at 877 453 2164 or contact us using our form.


All Zoli shotguns regardless of ownership comes with a 10 year warranty on all moving parts and a lifetime warranty on the barrels.

  • Detachable triggers with coated coil springs and all moving parts are coated with a titanium nitride finish.
  • All main components are forged from a single solid billet of steel. (Monoblock, Receiver and Trigger assembly)
  • Silver soldered barrels. (not soft solder)
  • A variety of rib types for your preference.
  • Boss locking system that has been EDM machined for maximum contact in the center of the receiver.
  • Stainless steel firing pins with bushings and vent holes in case of overcharged loads (no harm to the gun or shooter)
  • Titanium coated choke tubes.
  • A variety of engraving and wood upgrades.
  • Stock dimensions and ergonomics that are made for your body.
  • Z-Bella made specifically for Women.
  • Z-EL-EVO and BHB balancing systems to fine tune the exact feel you want.
  • All Z-Guns come with Select garde Turkish Walnut that has been coated with a polyurethane gloss finish.
  • The Zoli Z-Gun can always be rebuilt regardless of how many rounds are shot through it.
  • Left handed stocks are available for all models.
  • Insignificant muzzle rise and felt recoil.
  • No build of plastic in barrels and chokes.
  • Guns are balanced at factory, improving pointing and swing.
  • Monthly shipments for very little wait times.
  • All servicing will be done here in Niagara Falls, Canada.

Zoli Catalogue


Zoli Competition Catalogue


Zoli Competition Catalogue


Zoli Competition Catalogue


We take a custom impression of your hand onto this prototype, so that the grip is yours and yours alone. This way your palm and hand is transferred over onto the finished stock.

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