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Artisan Stock & Gunworks is the Canadian Distributor for Zoli


Z-Gun in Canada

Introducing the Canadian distributorship for Zoli shotguns and rifles, Artisan Stock and Gunworks is pleased to offer this exceptional lineup through dealerships nationwide. Proudly servicing these firearms at our Niagara Falls, Canada location, we ensure they remain in top condition for our customers.


Detachable Triggers

The Z gun, featuring a detachable trigger group, has been in production since 2012. It’s important to note that Antonio Zoli has no affiliation with Angelo Zoli, and their product lines and histories should not be conflated. The new Z gun action is a ground-breaking design inspired by the old English boss locking action system, enhanced with modern technology, specialty lubricated parts, and forged components.

Demo a Zoli Shotgun or Rifle

For Canadian customers, demo models are readily available for examination and testing at all major shooting events and competitions. Alternatively, schedule an appointment at our Niagara Falls location to experience these exceptional firearms firsthand.

Who is Using Zoli Shotguns?

The Zoli shotgun is renowned for its versatility and performance, making it a favored choice among shooters of all levels, including world-class athletes and Olympians. For decades, champions like Diego Duarte, Ben Llewellin, Ross Straker, Stuart Clarke, Matthieu Delmas and Brad Kidd have relied on Zoli shotguns for their exceptional quality and precision. 

Zoli’s new line for women, along with their range of hunting guns and rifles, demonstrates their commitment to providing firearms tailored to different needs and preferences. Whether it’s for sport shooting or hunting, Zoli’s dedication to quality and innovation ensures that shooters of all backgrounds and experiences can find a firearm that suits them perfectly.

Hunters rely on Zoli shotguns for their precision and reliability, especially when it comes to making those crucial, precision, one time in the field shots. The detachable triggers are a particularly valued feature, allowing for easy customization and maintenance. These aspects make Zoli shotguns a top choice among hunters who demand high performance and reliability in their firearms.

Whether you’re a seasoned competitor or a recreational shooter, the Zoli shotgun’s reputation for reliability and accuracy ensures a rewarding shooting experience for all.

World Class Champion Shooters & You

For All Shooting Disciplines, Trap, Skeet and Sporting.


  • Detachable triggers with coated coil springs and all moving parts are coated with a titanium nitride finish.
  • All main components are forged from a single solid billet of steel. (Monoblock, Receiver and Trigger assembly)
  • Silver soldered barrels. (not soft solder)
  • A variety of rib types for your preference.
  • Boss locking system that has been EDM machined for maximum contact in the center of the receiver.
  • Stainless steel firing pins with bushings and vent holes in case of overcharged loads (no harm to the gun or shooter)
  • Titanium coated choke tubes.
  • A variety of engraving and wood upgrades.
  • Stock dimensions and ergonomics that are made for your body.
  • Z-Bella made specifically for Women.
  • Z-EL-EVO and BHB balancing systems to fine tune the exact feel you want.
  • All Z-Guns come with Select garde Turkish Walnut that has been coated with a polyurethane gloss finish.
  • The Zoli Z-Gun can always be rebuilt regardless of how many rounds are shot through it.
  • Left handed stocks are available for all models.
  • Insignificant muzzle rise and felt recoil.
  • No build of plastic in barrels and chokes.
  • Guns are balanced at factory, improving pointing and swing.
  • Monthly shipments with very little wait times.
  • All servicing will be done here in Niagara Falls, Canada.

Bolt Action Rifle Line


About Bolt Action Rifle Line Tech

The New Manual Cocking system available on models Evolution and Evolution Exclusive is the best available for this category. This new manual cocking system has been studied to be ergonomic, silent and intuitive, conferring better comfort and safety.


Receiver and Bolt

Are both made from solid steel bars using CNC machines and undergo surface hardening treatment. The recoil lug is an integral part of the bar stock used to produce the receiver thus giving added strength and increased accuracy.

Removable Magazine

The new Removable magazine that comes in 3 different models, to better adaptto all the calibers on offer. The magazine also contributes to the improved smooth feeding.


Trigger mechanism (Evolution)

introduces a new and innovative trigger mechanism made from a single, solid steel block. The trigger can work flawlessly thanks to the use of steel balls and pistons, instead of the more traditional levers, making it more precise, softer and safer to use.

Trigger mechanism (Bavarian & Pro S)

Is available with set trigger, it’s entirely made using CNC machines. It comes with the ISS safety system offering the following advantages;

     1) It cannot be activated when the safety is on or the gun is unarmed
     2) It deactivates automatically when the safety is applied.
     3) It deactivates automatically when the bolt is opened.

This special system eliminates all possible risks connected with use of the set trigger, which, together with the standard double safety catch, means that Zoli rifles are truly unbeatable in terms of safe operations. Safety Catch (Bavarian & Pro S): the AZ1900 was the first standard rifle to be fitted with a safety with the DSS (Double Safety System) device. With the safety on, a special button opens the bolt and the round can be removed from the cartridge chamber in complete safety.



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